Come fly with us!

Welcome to AZ Fly Guys, Arizona’s hottest extreme water sport flyboarding adventure. The experience of flyboarding is an adrenaline ride like no other. Let AZ Fly Guys take you out for the ride of your life. Our experienced certified Flyboard® instructors are the best in Arizona and will get you flying fast on a fun, exciting, and safe experience of a lifetime.

Fly through the air like a superhero… Swim and dive through the waves like a dolphin… "Riding a FlyBoard® is one adventure you will never forget!" Flyboarding is not as hard as it looks. Any able-bodied person can ride a FlyBoard®. The instructor and the power of the Personal Watercraft (PWC) do most of the work for you. You supply the balance and smiles and AZ Fly Guys will supply the fun and adrenaline. This is definitely one extreme water sports adventure ride you don’t want to miss. On the FlyBoard® you can dive into the water, come shooting back out in the air, do flips front and back, twist and turn high above the waves, and float back down to the water like a super hero.

Our instructors are some of the best in the business at teaching people to FlyBoard® and can get you up in the air quickly. Give AZ Fly Guys a call at 480-269-7359 and ride on a FlyBoard® for an action adventure you will never forget. We operate mostly on Lake Pleasant, but our mobile FlyBoard® units can brought to just about any water event in Arizona by request.